Intelligent industry solutions

Remote monitoring

Monitor almost any kind of asset including heavy machinery, vehicles, and even livestock almost anywhere, either continuously or at regular intervals. By tracking location, performance, condition, or environmental factors, the insights you gain from IoT-connected things can help solve your business problems using your own data.

Matrikon Data Broker

by Matrikon

Automation data access for the enterprise and beyond


by Axians

Real-time environmental ERP

meldCX Core Platform

by meldCX

End to end architecture designed for managing your commercial applications


by e-Magic

Monitor, visualize, control, and optimize your assets

Ombori Grid

by Ombori

Digital experiences in physical spaces

Smart Food Production

by Lumachain

A comprehensive end-to-end solution for food supply chains.

Smart Logistics

by Geek+

Comprehensive solutions for smart logistics

Digital Signage

by L Squared Digital Signage

Empower employees and engage customers using Digital Signage

Navisphere Vision

by C.H. Robinson

Get omnichannel inventory and supply chain visibility

Spyglass Visual Inspection

by Mariner

Intelligently minimize defects and reduce costs

Connected Logistics Platform

by Arrow

Gain visibility into supply chain logistics​

Smart Windows

by View

Improve workplace health and productivity​

Parking Entry-Exit Monitoring

by Uncanny Vision

Monitor parking entry/exit with license plate photos​

Fleet Management

by QuEST Global

Optimize fleet tracking and management​

Citizen Care Pod

by PCL Construction

Smart, portable health screening and testing​

MCM-100 DataConnect Pro

by Adlink

IoT solution that helps manufacturers of any size

Wonderstore Solution

by WonderStore

Create the retail store of the future

IoT Service Hub

by Hitachi Solutions

Maximize operational efficiency with predictive-maintenance and analytics intelligence


by ActionPoint

Condition monitoring​ and predictive-maintenance​

Linker Vision AI

by Linker Networks

Improve industrial worker safety with video and AI​

Gain a business advantage with the intelligent edge partner program

Gain a business advantage with the intelligent edge partner program

Intel and Microsoft are looking to showcase and promote IoT partners and their solutions that are built on Intel powered edge device hardware connected with Microsoft Azure IoT cloud services. The intelligent edge co-marketing partner program is helping raise awareness of joint partner solutions through a variety of co-marketing opportunities with partners, such as webinars, social media, events, and content marketing.

If your edge and cloud solution is built on Intel powered IoT edge devices and connected with Microsoft Azure IoT services and is deployed with two or more end customers, then you may be eligible to join the intelligent edge co-marketing program.