Enhancing IoT solutions with AI, machine learning, and computer vision

Intelligent solutions with advanced AI technologies

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Deploy more intelligent solutions with AI and advanced technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) devices collect unfathomable amounts of data as the technology ties the digital and physical worlds closer together, which makes the ability to sort and analyze data increasingly important to solve challenges.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies are enabling image interpretation, language recognition, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, and much more in IoT solutions. Learn more about how these technologies expand the capabilities of IoT solutions and can accelerate the return on investment.

In this white paper, we dive into:

Why collecting data without the ability to thoroughly analyze it and generate actionable insights limits the potential of IoT technology

Four benefits that are driving the adoption of AI and computer vision in IoT solutions

Real-world solutions that use AI, computer vision, and related capabilities for a variety of industry-specific scenarios

Read more in this white paper about:

  • How AI-enabled image analysis can scan for patient abnormalities or monitor for employee safety
  • Using advanced technologies to enhance common IoT-enabled tasks such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Why advanced technologies in IoT solutions can create faster returns on investment
  • Which Intel and Microsoft hardware, platforms, and tools to consider when selecting advanced technologies